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This community is listed as containing "explicit adult content". As such, LiveJournal will automatically block access to anyone under the age of 18 (and anyone not logged in). The birthdate you entered when you created your LiveJournal account will determine your age, not the birthdate you have listed, now.

Loss of membership

You will lose membership to this community if you repetitively violate rules, you will be banned. Any hate speech, senseless trolling, and ridiculous flaming will be banned immediately (based on the decision of the maintainers).

voluptuous: (of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves. [syn: bosomy, busty, buxom, curvaceous, curvy, full-bosomed, sonsie, sonsy, well-endowed] - dictionary.com

Fluffy, curvy, chubby, fat. We like them all.

The sharing of personal photos, art, stories, music, websites, or anything else related to voluptuous pinup girls is most welcome.

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A few simple rules:

1. Photos/Images: In accordance with LiveJournal Adult-Themed Community Guidelines, if any posts contain nudity, they must be set to friends/members only. Therefore, this community defaults to friends/members only. For the purposes of this community, "nudity" is defined as follows: The revealing of any portion of the areola or nipple as would normally be covered by a bra; the revealing of any portion of the pubic area, as would normally be covered by a thong/small bikini; and the revealing of any portion of the buttocks that would normally be covered by a thong/small bikini.

2. NWS (Not Work Safe): Any image deemed to by NWS, must be behind an LJ-Cut, and MUST be labelled as such. If you make a post containing NWS images without properly labelling the post, the post will be deleted. NWS images are defined as images that contain nudity, reveal any undergarments (including through a mesh or see-through/translucent garment), or place the model in a provacative position such that you would not show the picture to your boss, mother, priest, grandmother, teacher, personal trainer, financial advisor, or any other figure that has enough authority over your life to either give you a spanking, or make sure you crash and burn.

3. LJ-Cuts: Posts containing large images, or images that are considered NWS (Not Work Safe) MUST use the LJ-Cut. If you're not sure how to do the LJ-Cut, you can go here to learn how. Stating "I don't know how to do an lj-cut" is NOT an appropriate defense, and your post will be deleted. Large images are defined, thus:
  • For one image outside cut: 640x480, less than 200kb.

  • For up to three images outside cut: 320x240, less than 75kb each.

4. Please stay on topic. This community is for the topic of voluptuous, curvy, chubby and fat pinup girls. Talking about how your ex boyfriend pisses you off isn't on topic ;) This is not a support community. There are plenty of other communities for such. (alargerpicture, beautifulcurves, bellacurve)

5. Be respectful to your fellow members. I will not tolerate any arguing, flaming, rudeness, or bashing. If you're caught doing so, the following will happen:
  • If I am feeling nice, you will be warned... ONCE.

  • If I am not feeling nice, or you have already been warned (and yes, I have a spreadsheet to track this stuff), you will be removed and banned.

Appeals may be made via e-mail to any maintainer after 60 days.

6. No drama. If this community isn't to your liking, leave. We do not need an announcement testifying this fact. Nobody cares. I am well aware that this community will not suit everyone. If it doesn't suit your needs, feel free to leave but do not start drama on your way out, see rule #5, above.

7. Feel free to promote your community/website here ONCE IF it has to do with pinups or voluptuous girls. After that, take it to community_promo. Multiple posts promoting a community/site will be deleted.

7.5. If you are posting a partial set of photos in an entry, and the remaining set is on a website, you may post a link to the website within the entry. If the link leads to a pay site, you must specify this, either right before, or after, the link (a simply "(pay)" will be sufficient).

8. When posting pictures, please be tasteful. Posting a picture of your crotch, and only your crotch is not tasteful. There's other communities for such. Face shots and any other form of nudity are most welcome, as long as it's tasteful. Poses that reveal crotch as a function of the pose will still be allowed, provided the shot is a full, or 3/4 body shot.

9. COPYRIGHTS: All images posted witin this community are assumed to by copyright to the poster, unless otherwise specified or water-marked. If, at any time it is determined that any member took any other member's photos without express permission, that individual will be banned and potentially reported to LiveJournal for a Terms-of-Service voliation.


Males posting in this community must follow the above rules, as well as the following:

1) All male photos must be behind a cut.

2) Posts must CLEARLY state that the images are of a man/men.

3) Absolutely no erect penises in a sexual fashion (artsy and silhouettes are fine, but blantantly sexual pictures are not allowed). Absolutely no images that show only the penis.

4) Any orgasmic evidence (fluids) in any image results in an immediate ban.

5) The main community rules must be followed as well.


Every so often we do themes in the community. </u>We are currently searching for a themes mod.</u> The mods will post a theme idea, and a length of time in which to submit images. At the end of one week, three submissions will be selected by the maintainers (primarily based on number of comments received by each submission) and a poll will be created. Community members will have a few days (normally three) in which to vote on their favourite submission. At the end of the voting period, a winner will be declared. Winners will be displayed in a special post, linked to from the community info. Eventually, we hope to have banners/award images for winners; however, current maintainers suck at banner making.

Themese are not mandatory. Members do not have to participate in them, although they are encouraged to do so. Themes are just for fun, and to promote posting in the community.


Send any questions regarding this community to to fyre at: fyre[at]livejournal[dot]com. All comments regarding the community left in his personal journal will be ignored, shredded, buried in soft peat for three months, recycled as fire starters, and deleted.</font>


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